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Dear Concerned Global Citizens,

The Year in Gender

Christmas Break is canceled

A Glimpse into the Zombie Left's future

No Harm in a Fantasy World

Dear Lydia Polgreen:

How much regret is enough?

The Dangers of the Misinformed

Thinking Systems about Gender Transition

Action Alert: Contact the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Is it necessary?

Parents Magazine

Dan Karasic vs continues

Dan Karasic versus the truth

Netflix is Complicit in the Trans Medical Scandal

Action Alert

Is CASW's stance on social transition in schools justified?


The Four Trans Men of the Healthcare Apocalypse

Re-educating 'diverse' families

Brandt Files #11: What They Didn’t Argue

Brandt Files

Imagine the Hamster: Audio from the AAP

The rabbit hole of identity

Action Alert: Write the UN about the Yogyakarta Principles

Reflections from the SEGM Conference

In the room where it happened

In the room where it happens

The Cascade of Intervention

The media has repeatedly overlooked Wash U's lies

The Heterodox Homo’s Guide to Brooklyn, NY

Saskatchewan Court Case

Gay is not who you are

The case of the missing guidelines

Wonderful world of whistleblowers

International Action

Action Alert

A Good Life

Action Alert

People are more tolerant if you don't force them to accept lies

We are the LGBT Courage Coalition

In Defense of Watchful Waiting

Action Alert

How a single staff member in a gender clinic can be a voice for change

The Countdowns

Brandt Files #1: Don't Say Gay at the LGBTQ Rights Trial

Pathologizing is the Question

Tell Us About Gender Center Hiring Practices and Whistleblowers

The Denton Report


The Fracturing is Necessary

WPATH Standards of Care Version 5

WPATH Standards of Care Version 4

WPATH Standards of Care Version 3

WPATH- Standards of Care- Version 2

WPATH Standards of Care- Version 1

More robust journalism please

All roads lead back to WPATH

A Reckoning for the Endocrine Society?

Action Alert

The role of evidence and autonomy in gender affirming care:

What is a coalition?

Buck Angel: 'I'm a Trans Elder. Trans Activists Don't Speak For Me'

"Intersectional Traffic Jams"

Job Training

The quick end of my career

How I changed my mind.

They Got It All Wrong

Ready to try a podcast?

A Religion Without the Divine

Action Alert

I Am a Transman: I Was Kicked Out of WPATH’s Science Symposium for Wrongthink

Adventures in Lesbian Dating Apps

It is not transphobic to say the truth

Lesbian alarm in the room where it happens.

True Believer

Homophobia in Drag

My Conversion Therapy

Free Speech Is a Gay Right

A Gender Transition Story: How My Views on Medicalization Have Changed Over Time

'it took a long time to become the thing I am to you"

We Are the LGBT Courage Coalition

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