Yes the lieing issue is spot on.

I am apparently a terf.

I have had several male friends in the past who were transvestites.

I find gender fluidity fascinating.

Like most people in the UK I support fairness.

I personally could not care less how someone dresses or presents to the world.

But the insistent ideological messianic dogma that a e.g. man can become a woman is a lie. I love listening to US trans people who just acknowledge they are trans e.g. Buck Angel. We have UK people too who are starting to speak up. Good for them. They have my love and support. They are so needed, but it must be very hard.

But the crazy nasty loud violent ones. Usually biologically male

Are they actually heterosexual men who are aggressive.... and/or possibly unwell?

Are they just aggressive angry men?

Are they jumping on the trans ideology bandwagon for reasons of their own?

What is the link with mental illness? In some cases there certainly is one.

The other lie is that there should not be protection for women (and real trans women too, but I'll leave them out of just this sentence, for another time).

Males can be physically and sexually violent towards women.

Males can be predatory. Not most of them. But some. The evidence sadly is out there in news reports and police records.

Women have been appallingly gaslighted by suggestions that they are e.g. making a fuss, that they can have penises, etc, etc, etc. Lies! Women have fought for rights that they will fight to preserve. Sorry guys. We're the physically weaker sex. We own that. You need to too

The other lie.......? Trans people are aggressive predators. I know this is a lie. But some trans people, a tiny tiny minority of the greater population, may be.

The crazy demonstrators are perpetuating this lie. I've thought for a long time that they are not helping trans people who just want to get on with their lives. The opposite in fact.

I think a few heterosexual men, the patriarchy, are important players. Sadly.

But so is Stonewall in the UK with its propagandising fixed ideology, and reduction of everyone who is not straight to a mass of TRANS people. No nuances. No individuality.

Sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity. At all. Completely different. A lie.

Finally, If we don't have 2 sexes then transitioning makes no sense. From what to what?

And how can you be same sex attracted without a sex to be attracted to?

This is not just a big lie. It is complete nonsense.

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Aug 29, 2023Liked by Eva Kurilova

Thanks, Eva! This is the message I needed to hear today. I might borrow some phrases for a difficult conversation I need to have later.

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This captures exactly how I feel, thanks.

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